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The Tug of War Federation of India is the National organization for the Development of Tug of War Sports at the National, State & District level and represents India at the International level as member of Tug of War International Federation, TWIF.

TWFI was founded in 1958 and gained momentum in 1980 under the patronage of Mr. Guatam Kaul (then IPS Officer) , Mr Hari Shanker Gupta and Mr. Madan Mohan.

In 1999, TWFI was recognized as National Sports Federation by the Government of India and celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2008 with more than 150 districts holding Tug of War game events across the country. In July 2008, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) officially recognized TWFI as the National Sports Federation for Tug of War game.


As National governing body for the sport, our goal is to establish necessary framework and effective management for the advancement and growth of the sport of Tug of War. Our aim is to achieve a notable skill and widespread the sport throughout the country.

Hari Shanker Gupta— President

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Our Mission

Tug-of-War was included in the Olympic Games schedule in multiple years, namely 1900, 1904, 1906 (Intercalated Games), 1908, 1912, and 1920. During that time, it was classified as an event within the track and field athletics program, but it is currently recognized as a distinct sport.

Our main aim is to achieve a commendable standard of excellence and inclusivity, aiming to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee and included in the Olympic Games program.

Madan Mohan— Secretary General

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