16-04-2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands

TWIF had its annual Congress, consisting of Seminar and AGM on 12-16 April,2012 in Hotel Marina Park, Volendam, Netherlands.

The Congress was well attended by 17 member countries namely Belgium, Chinese Taipei,England,Germany,India,Ireland,Israel,Japan,Latvia,Netherlands, Poland,South Africa ,Sweden,Switzerl and,North Ireland,United States, Wales , who actively participated in the Seminar dealing with the future development of the tug of war sport. Mr. Madan Mohan , Secetry Genral of Tug of War Federation of India represented India at TWIF Congress-2012


The member countries expressed their continued support for the Policy Plan 2012. Overall the Congress has been successful to expand the organization and increased the media profile of the sport.

The Congress took the following decisions for future championships:

  1. Northern Ireland was unanimously awarded the 2015 European Championship
  2. Netherlands were unanimously awarded the 2016 Indoor World Championships
  3. Sweden was awarded the 2016 Outdoor World Championships