Cambodia Joins TWIF

04-04-2012, International

Cambodia Joins TWIF as member association. Asia the fast growing region in TWIF.

Following the recent application of Cambodia, the Cambodian Tug of War Federation, is now the member association in TWIF. The tug of war sport in Cambodia has a long tradition and ancient history. One of the oldest evidence of the tug of war sport was found in the wall relief in the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia as shown in the latest TWIF Promo DVD.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia (in box: wall reveal people pulling)

The tug of war sport in Cambodia is fully recognized by the National Olympic Committee as the President of the federation Prof. Meas SARIN is also the Secretary General of the Cambodian Olympic Committee. The acquisition of member associations has still has high priority within TWIF as it will need 50 member countries controlled by a National Olympic Committee as accepted by the IOC. The five British members associations of TWIF will count as one in accordance with the IOC policy.