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About TWFI

The Tug of War Federation of India (TWFI) holds the exclusive authority as the governing body for the sport of tug of war across the nation. It is officially recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, designated as the National Sports Federation. The federation’s inception dates back to 1958, and it plays a pivotal role in organizing and overseeing various aspects of the game.

Endowed with the responsibility of promoting and managing tug of war activities for both men and women, TWFI is affiliated with international bodies such as the Tug of War International Federation (TWIF), Asian Tug of War Federation (ATWF), and South Asian Tug of War Federation. The federation has 28 affiliated state units, institutional units, and 2 Sports Boards.

TWFI orchestrates the National Championships, conducts training camps for Indian Tug of War athletes, as well as selects teams for international competitions like the Asian, South Asian, and World Championships. Moreover, it formulates and revises rules for the game, applicable within the Indian jurisdiction, encompassing Outdoor, Indoor, and Beach games at various levels—National, State, District, educational, corporate, and clubs competitions.

In addition to its regulatory role, TWFI actively promotes tug of war by organizing events to engage the masses and enhance the sport’s commercial appeal. The federation provides oversight and support to its state units, facilitating coaching camps, coaches’ training, and initiating development programs for the grassroots promotion of tug of war in India. Through these multifaceted efforts, TWFI contributes to the growth of tug of war athletes and the sport itself in the country.