Elevating Indian Athletes: Our National Initiatives

In a vast and diverse nation like India, ensuring ample opportunities for emerging athletes is of paramount importance. The Tug of War Federation of India (TWFI) goes above and beyond by hosting a wide array of events in various categories, including Outdoor, Indoor, and Beach disciplines. These competitions encompass the National Championships for Seniors, Senior U-23, Juniors U-19, and Sub Junior U-13, U-15, U-17, along with the Senior Open National Championship.

Our Noteworthy National Events include:

  1. National Senior Championships
  2. National Seniors & Junior Federation-Cup
  3. National Open Championships
  4. National Sub-Junior U-17, U-15, U-13 Championships
  5. National Junior U-19 Championships
  6. Zonal Meets

Nurturing Young Talents: Junior Development Program

At TWFI, we prioritize the development of young and aspiring Tug of War athletes throughout the nation. Our Junior Development Programme focuses on identifying and nurturing talent in schools and districts across India, ensuring a bright future for the sport.